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2020 Pitch Competition


Applications for next competition will open in fall 2021.

We looked for the best, boldest ideas to create the future of FinTech from right here in the heart of America — with $60,000 in prizes. There were two separate themes for consideration, with a total of three cash prizes being distributed.

Pitch Themes

Closing the Gap: Enabling financial security for consumers at every life stage and from every walk of life by expanding access and/or affordability of financial tools.

Powering Business: From the back office to the front door, FinTech services that empower business and consumer experiences.

The Winner

FinTech Frontier has named Honeycomb Credit the winner of its $60,000 Pitch Competition. “Honeycomb Credit captured the spirit of what FinTech Frontier is building in the Cincinnati region,” said Pete Blackshaw, CEO of Cintrifuse, the Cincinnati start-up catalyst powering FinTech Frontier. “Entrepreneurs around the nation and the globe are learning that the U.S. Midwest, especially Greater Cincinnati, is an ideal location to launch or scale a fintech start-up. Cincinnati’s big banks and insurance companies are eager to partner, and our entrepreneurial ecosystem supports entrepreneurs in all ways possible.”

Watch the video to see Honeycomb Credit’s pitch.

The Finalists

2020 Pitch Competition

1st Prize: Honeycomb Credit

2nd Prize: InsureLife

3rd Prize: WiPROSPER

Pay Theory​ – Engineering Intern